Travel to Sevilla

Be it by air, by rail, by road, or by sea, the ideally situated city of Sevilla has great accessability and tons of options to accommodate the needs of any traveler.

By plane

Located 12 kilometers from the city center, the Aeropuerto de San Pablo is Sevilla’s main airport. The principal operating airline is Iberia, which runs numerous flights each week between Sevilla and an extensive list of destinations throughout Spain and Europe.

While you can stumble across cheap flights with mainstream carriers such as Iberia, Europe seems much smaller and much more accessible with the booming phenomenon of low-cost airlines. Newly emerged companies like Vueling and Ryanair run cheap, no-frills flights to and from destinations in Spain, including the Andalucian city, and beyond.

By train

A comfortable and more scenic way to travel to and from Sevilla is via the impressive train system, RENFE (Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles). Operating out of Sevilla’s train station, the Estación de Santa Justa, are two types of high speed trains: the super-fast AVE and Talgo 200. Both are well-known for their never-failing punctuality, as well as for the comfort they provide. As a matter of fact, RENFE guarantees the return of the ticket to the passengers of any train that arrives more than 5 minutes late.

By bus

The city’s two bus stations allow you to travel to and from an unlimited variety of destinations, including quaint, whitewashed villages nearby, golden beaches bathed in sunshine, and bustling European cities. If you are looking to further explore the beauty and contrasts of the rest of the Sevilla province, then you’ are going to want to catch a bus from the Estación del Prado de San Sebastián.

By car

Driving is also always an option for long distance travel in Spain, but is not as convenient or as useful once in town.