Long Weekend

Sevilla is one of the most flamboyant cities in Spain. It used to be a Moorish capital, so it is not surprising that its streets are packed with sultry mixture of Christian-Muslim architecture, with a lot of impressive buildings in need of a fresh coat of paint. Also, unlike much of Spain, this city has resisted the urge to make its medieval sidewalks and tiled courtyards sleek and trendy.

Gypsy street performers, flamenco dancers, and Andalucian cowboys in wide-brimmed boleros still strut in centuries old plazas shaded by palms and orange trees. On pleasant nights, parties can explode impulsively over bottles of red wine. Sevilla has a contagious street theater in which every visitor can join.
Spending a long weekend in this paradise can be quite exhilarating but definitely worthwhile. All of its splendor will surely excite all your senses. So get your sensory nerves up and about as you make the most of a long weekend in this charming slice of heaven.

Short city breaks to Sevilla include romantic walks by the River Guadalquivir. You must see the Alcázar palace and the Plaza de Espana. Visit the old city to see the famous cathedral and climb the Giralda tower for a splendid view of the city. It is also a nice place to spend long evenings, when locals and tourists alike chillax in the atmosphere and style of the narrow streets.

When you spend a long weekend in this Andalucian city, expect long hours of daylight and also warm sunshine even in deepest winter. The weather in February can be great for those who want to stroll or relax in pavement cafes. Sevilla begins feel hot by April. A short break in this month will coincide with Sevilla’s unforgettable Easter celebrations and extraordinary week-long Feria.
In addition to the sheer beauty of the city streets and the gorgeous sunshine, what makes visiting Sevilla so attractive, even in a short break, is the strength of pride and culture of the locals themselves. The city is well-known for its flamenco, its cuisine, its bullring, its football and also its sense of fashion. What’s more, traveling to Sevilla can give an unalloyed joy to lovers of tapas and fine wine.