Short Stay

Many travelers around the world include Sevilla in their list as one of the top places to visit. With its authentic Spanish art, architecture, food, fashion, and friendly people, who wouldn’t want to experience all the perks Sevilla has to offer?

Sevilla has everything going for it as a city break destination. There is more historical interest than you could hope for, the climate is superb (if rather too hot in July and August), and it is probably one of the best destinations for tapas, ideally washed down with some fino sherry.

It is the most important city in the south of Spain, with some 700 000 inhabitants. It’s an exciting place, with a vibrant, joy-filled and slightly untamed atmosphere.

You can do and see a lot in this Spanish city. You can see some the city’s major monuments and many architectural highlights in a day or two. But the longer you stay, the better. So spend more time in this enchanting city to fully experience the Sevilla way of life.

But if you do not have the luxury of staying longer, Sevilla will still give you a vacation of a lifetime. One great and surprising thing about the city is that you can quickly move from narrow alleys and medieval urban core to lush wooded parklands.

One of toughest things to do when visiting Sevilla is coming up with an itinerary that will maximize your stay in the city. This is perfectly understandable: this lovely Spanish city is packed with attractions and it is a shame if you do not visit them.

If you want to get the best out of Sevilla, you need to adjust your timings to fit in with the locals. Take a lunchtime nap, and don’t even think about going out to eat in the evening before 9:30 in the evening. Restaurants only start getting busy by about 10 in the evening: make a booking for 8 and you will be eating alone, or with just a few other tourists.