When to visit Sevilla?

One of the largest historical centers in Europe, Sevilla is universally famous for being a charming town. Legend has it that Sevilla was founded by Hercules and its origins are linked with the Tartessian civilization. With an interesting history as its backdrop and a cool climate to go with, Sevilla makes for a perfect get-a-way destination.

If you are wondering when to visit Sevilla, let us give you some useful tips regarding the best time to visit this land of exceeding beauty and myriad attractions.

Experienced travelers would like to have an idea regarding what is the best time to visit Sevilla. Weather surely tops the information-list so that when they visit, they have a pleasant weather to have the best of Sevilla. Needless to say, Sevilla is a year round destination.

Annual average temperature is 18.2° C with the mercury rising to 26.6° C in July and August. It rarely falls below 2-3° C even in the winter and rain is scarce. So, most of the year is the tourist season in Sevilla except for late July and August when the heat is overpowering. But many tourists prefer to have a vacation at the height of summer, especially those who are after the hot sunshine, tempered by cool sea breezes.

The best time to holiday in Sevilla is probably spring, when temperatures are moderate and the crowds are thinner. During this lovely season, the city is beautiful and full of colors, flowers, everywhere. Again, with its Mediterranean climate, Sevilla is a destination for all seasons, although there can be wet days during winter.

Visit the city between March and June. Easter is a great time to go if you are looking for festivity, because Holy Week brings all sorts of fiestas onto the city scene. Another good time to visit this paradise is between September and November. It can be rainy in April-May, but rains are not quite heavy here.

Sevilla is the true embodiment of the Spanish character, spirit and its cultural richness which are best reflected in the several festivals and events. Fascinating and colorful, these festivals and events bring out the best of the Sevilla. So, it is a wonderful idea to visit Sevilla during the time of these festivals and events. A series of gala events usher the Easter Week following the Semana Santa in March-April, April Fair or Feria de Abril and Rocio Monday in May/-June.