Here are some interesting informations that you may want to know about Sevilla, whether you are visiting the city for the first time, a seasoned expert, or you live here:

1) The Spanish Inquisition that started in Sevilla still fascinates many people. It was founded in 1481 and was based at Castillo de San Jorge, near the Triana bridge. Trials were carried out in Plaza San Francisco close to today’s ayuntamiento building. The poor souls were taken to the Prado de San Sebastian and burned alive (those who repented were being garrotted first).

2) At least three Roman emperors were born just outside the city. The Roman conquerors first arrived in Spain in 206 BC, while waging a war against the Carthaginians. They stayed for about 700 years struggling against the fierce Iberian tribes. Baetica became one of the wealthiest provinces of Imperial Rome.

3) Visitors will notice a symbol, the letters NO8DO, on many signs around Sevilla, from buses and taxis to sewer covers. NO8DO is, in fact, the city´s logo. Legend has it that this symbol originates from the thirteenth century coat of arms awarded by King Alfonso X the Wise to the city. The king bestowed it in gratitude for the city’s support in his battle against his son who wanted to seize his throne during the Reconquest.

An 8-shaped bundle of wool is between NO and DO. Speaking in the fast and elliptical accent of the Sevillanos and you have ‘no-madeja-do’. But more correctly, ‘no me ha dejado’ (‘it [the city] has not abandoned me’).

4) One of the most fascinating of Sevilla´s many claims is that Christopher Columbus is currently buried in Sevilla´s huge Gothic cathedral.

5) Sevilla is a city of dualities. If you are a rabid football fan, you are either a Sevillista or a Betico, supporting Sevilla Futbol Club (white and red strip) or Real Betis Balompie (white and green strip). The rivalry of these clubs is legendary since both of them were founded in the early 20th century, Betis in 1907 and Sevilla two years earlier.