Moving to Sevilla is no ordinary feat because you have to deal with a lot of things, from the burden of cultural adjustments to other life-changing experiences like speaking the language, dealing with the local people, and changing your old lifestyle.

Before you decide to move to Sevilla, you have to do your assignment of researching, exploring the city, and preparing yourself for any unexpected circumstances that may go on your way—surely, moving to this paradise means more than just getting used to the sights of the city, tastes of the foods, sounds of your environment, and smell of your new surroundings.

Spain is also a western country that practices some western standard of living, attitudes, and habits similar to other western countries. However, there are still more that you will serve as new experiences to you in Sevilla like the following:

The family concept of the people of Sevilla is something you have to deal with. General families tend to stay much longer, for about three generation of families that live under the same roof.  The family life and values are important among Spanish people and the concept of inheritance is strictly observed.

The Spanish language would be another factor you have to deal with when you move in Sevilla. With your everyday dealings and interactions with the local people, you will surely find speaking and learning Spanish language an easy task.

You also have to be aware of certain Spanish customs. Be aware of the body language since it is not good to point your finger at other people. The concept of time for Sevillanos is simply spontaneous and improvised since most Spanish people are not used to planning ahead of time;

In addition, locals are naturally pleasant people who greet a lot and used to giving farewells. Physical contact is always highlighted during meetings like hand shaking, kissing on both sides of a person’s face, and participating in conversation; and

It would be a challenge to become an expat in Sevilla, but if you are sensitive enough and you deal with the locals with sincerity, you will not have a hard time adjusting to your new environment. And if you are equipped with information and have experienced living in Sevilla for some time now, you will survive and enjoy your new life in this beautiful city.