Sevilla is friendly to visitors and expatriates. Why not? It is home to great culture, offers excellent food, lively nightlife, and exciting activities. Not to mention plenty of job offers in this Andalucian city. Getting hired in Sevilla is easy if you know the rules. Here are some tips when finding a job in this wonderful city:

The first thing to do is to prepare a good CV. You must include a brief section at the bottom of the CV detailing your interests. This is so that employers can dig deeper into your lifestyle and personality. Offer your CV in both Spanish and English.

The major reason many expats obtained their jobs in Sevilla is because they can speak fluent English and Spanish. Most jobs in the city are done with only a basic knowledge of Spanish. In case you have training in Latin American Spanish, what you can do is to ask a language professor or find a book about Spanish spoken in Sevilla.

Many employers want to know who their job applicants are and what they look like – not just their educational background or job experience. This practice might seem unnecessary, but many employers do not take job applications without photos attached. You may want to get a passport-type picture in a booth in the subway, then paste it onto your resume.

You may also go for a walk to look for job openings. Do not underestimate this as many employers in Sevilla prefer face-to-face meetings and other human interactions. Most employers post job ads on their doors before going to websites.

There are no shortage of job offers in Sevilla. There are many expats in the field of engineering, information technology, human resource and education, design, business, marketing, and sales. There are also huge opportunities in press and communication, advocacy and legal field, shipping and logistics, research and development, science and medical field, administrative, and finance, audit, and investment field.

But your best bet for landing an employment in Sevilla is teaching English. Check out the Internet and put together a list of academies and then start calling them one by one. Some of them require applicants be certified, but many could not care less.