Sevilla, Spain

There are many reasons to visit Sevilla, one of the most romantic cities in Spain. In addition to being a bustling metropolis, Sevilla is also a cultural haven, a historical center, a gastronomic focal point, and an architectural glory – not to mention its warm and welcoming people. Read on to know the things that could sway you to visit this piece of paradise.

Ambiance and people

Sevilla is a major Spanish city. But behind its metropolitan face is the relaxed atmosphere you won’t find in many major urban centers. Its people are notoriously friendly and enjoy life to the fullest. This results in a happy, laid-back, and open atmosphere that infects most visitors.

Sevillanos are so friendly that if you ask one for directions, he or she will physically bring you to your destination, while engaging you in a full conversation. It doesn’t matter if you understand him or her or not.

Amazing architecture

The city’s long and interesting history is reflected through its amazing architecture. A melting pot of epochs and cultures has left their mark on this Spanish city one by one, as you will see while exploring its intriguing nooks and crannies.


There are many reasons why thoughts of flamenco certainly evoke romantic images of Sevilla. From the impromptu guitar jams in small bars to all-out choreographed theater shows, it is the place to be to experience the Andalucían desire come to life through dance, song, and guitar.


Most Sevillanos will proudly claim that the culinary art of tapas had its roots in their city. You will find more than a thousand tapas bars in Sevilla that serve a variety of dishes that ranges from fried fish to ham to vegetables.


The Spanish people, especially the female population, really love their fashion. Like many cities in Spain and urban centers in Europe, Sevilla is truly a shopper’s paradise. Between the mazes of pedestrian streets full of shops and boutiques and the vibrant weekend markets, your thirst for shopping will be quenched.


Sevilla nightlife won’t disappoint the night owl in you. Whether you’re going out to hang out with friends and chat at a lovely terrace café, stay out partying in the city’s many night clubs until dawn, or check out live music, Sevilla definitely will satisfy your nightlife cravings. So get set and go, that is if you can keep up with the energy of the Sevillanos.