Parks and Gardens

Sevilla can really boast about its wide variety of parks, ranging from the largest to the smallest, both private and public. The parks and gardens here include many that were the former private gardens and parklands of the city’s nobility.

Whether it is just a small square with surrounding trees or a larger open space, they are all peaceful places to relax. Here are some of the most popular parks in Sevilla that provide a calming and tranquil oasis, right in the heart of hectic city life.

Parque de María Luisa

This vast parkland in the centre of Sevilla is well planted and features an enormous amount of attractions. Named after Princess María Luisa, who donated part of the grounds from her Palacio de San Telmo to Sevilla in 1893, the park has been well designed and is heavily planted with trees, shrubs are flowers from around the world.

The park’s most impressive features are the Plaza de España and the Plaza de America, which set the park’s very theatrical mood. The Plaza de España is a large, semicircular plaza that formed the centerpiece at the 1929 Sevilla Exposition.

Other impressive highlights include the Glorieta de la Infanta, a bronze statue honouring the Princess, the Isleta de los Patos and the Monte Gurugu, a waterfall and fountain. It also houses the Museo Arqueologico as well as the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares. It is open: daily from 07:00 to 23:00. Admission is free.

Parque Nacional del Coto Donana

The National Park of Coto Donana is situated close to Sevilla and is considered to be one of Europe’s finest wetland areas. Rich in wildlife, the parks are enormous and cover an area in excess of 75,000 hectares / 185,000 acres. In 1969, the parks became officially protected and there is now a wealth of local species and thousands of migrating birds stop at the park in the winter, when the marshes become flooded.

Wildlife at the National Park of Coto Donana includes deer, wild cattle, the rare Imperial eagle, the greater flamingo and around 60 pairs of lynx, one of Europe’s rarest mammals. There are official guides tours of the park and the number of visitors are restricted, so be sure to book this in advance. It is open: summer – Monday to Saturday, winter – Tuesday to Sunday.