Regardless of your cravings, your preferences, or your bank account, Sevilla’s restaurants and dining experiences are what make this pillar of its culture so strong. Fine dining, seedy tapas bars, and international locales mix seamlessly into Sevilla’s diverse culinary scene, so don’t pass up the opportunity to try it all!

Andalucian treats

While you’re in Sevilla, treat your palate to a taste of genuine Andalucían cuisine in one of the city’s many restaurants. Take a seat out on Río Grande’s terrace with views over the Guadalquivir River and the Torre del Oro for some of the finest seafood dining in Sevilla. Enrique Becerra serves up a great menu with tons of wonderful dishes featuring a variety of traditional homemade-style Andalucían recipes.

Casa Robles, Restaurante Egaña Oriza, La Albahaca, and Bodegón Torre del Oro are a few more spots to hit up that serve up a tasty and typical Andalucían dining experience.

International cuisine

Mixed into Sevilla’s plethora of Spanish restaurants is a great international scene. To sample some delicious couscous along with other Moroccan dishes, As-Sawïra is the place to be. For Japanese cuisine, Restaurante Japonés Samurai and Kaede simply cannot be beat. Italian cuisine make their Sevillano home at the restaurant chain San Marco.

Tapas bars

Interestingly enough, Sevilla is known for its mind-blowing quantity of two things – churches and tapas bars – both of which are found on nearly every street corner. As the rumored founding city of tapas, the variety and practice of what has come to be a widespread Spanish gastronomic artform has rather humble beginnings. In an effort to keep the flies out of their customers’ drinks, bartenders would cover, or tapar, the glasses with a small saucer.

Budget eateries

Steer clear of Santa Cruz; because it’s so beautiful. It is a major tourist area and restaurants tend to be very costly for that reason alone. Instead, head to Triana or the Macarena. Sit at one of Kiosco de las Flores‘ outdoor tables for some of the best pescaíto frito in the city. Mesón Serranito, El Pucherito, and Entre Dos Hermandades are a few more quality dining establishments that will leave you with a full stomach but not an empty wallet.