What To Do When In Sevilla

There are a lot to do when you are in Sevilla. You have tons of options when you spend your vacation in this Andalusian city of Sevilla. Seville, as the city is known in the English-speaking world, is a city that is rich in history. There are a lot of museums and old buildings that will tell you the magnificence of the city, people and culture. The magnificent monuments and historical landmarks stand as the tangible proof the city’s heritage and legacy.

Sevilla’s night life is bustling with energy and enjoyment. There is something you can go to in Sevilla to make your night life full of spirit and excitement. If you just want to dance or relax at the bars and restaurants around the city; Sevilla is bound to provide you endless enjoyment and fun. Most of the nightlife during the summer is centered near the rivers. Most of the people enjoy the night al fresco. In the winter months, most of the night life moves to certain areas of the city; to continue with the fun and excitement all year round.

Drinking liquor or hard drinks on the street or parks is no longer allowed in Spain. Some locals still practice the el botellon; however it is not recommended that you refrain from doing so or risk being in the carcel or paying a fine.

Knowing well the Spaniards’ love for the nightlife; most activities start around one in the morning. The fun starts wean down around three or four in the morning as most of the partygoers are trooping to the discos for some dancing.

Sevilla’s shopping culture is full of excitement. You can find exotic and rare Spanish artifacts that will surely fit your budget as the wares are amazingly cheap. If you want to score a bargain, head off to the El Jueves Market; where you will surely score oncheap yet quality goods. The Triana is famous for ceramic wares with potters and ceramic makers ply their goods in this marketplace. There are well more than a dozen of shops and stores all over the place that sells quality earthen ware for reasonable prices.

Much of the city’s landmarks were built way back in the 12th century when the Iberian Peninsula was still under Moorish control. Some of these landmarks are the Giralda, Alcazar and the Cathedral. The Cathedral used to be a mosque that was converted to become the world’s largest Gothic church.

If you want to savor the romantic atmosphere of the city, you can have a piece of it at the Barrio Santa Cruz. It has the most number of the city’s vast treasure of monuments. The streets in Barrio Santa Cruz are kept narrow and the sun is kept away from the houses. Some of the old houses are brilliantly barricaded to keep the girls from having a quick meeting with their boyfriends.

At the edge of Plaza de Espana is the Maria Luisa Park which is designated as the focal point of the Spanish American Fair. If you are interested to know more about Mudejar architecture you can take a look at the Casa de Pilatos which is a house amid a garden setting that was built during the Moorish period. Casa de Pilatos is named such because it closely, or believed to be, resembles the house of Pontius Pilate.

There is always something for you to do in Sevilla. Book a trip to the city for your next vacation. Who knows what surprises await you.